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Update to Saulmade ImageManager plugin for FCKEditor

lundi 18 décembre 2006, par thierrybo

This is an update to Saulmade ImageManager plugin for FCKEditor.

[Edit : Paul Moers updated his plugin to include my changes and added some others. Please download it to]

As I tried to upgrade my FCKeditor plugin for SPIP 1.9 (french), I decided to add Saulmade ImageManager FCKeditor plugin, as it seems this is the most serious update to the famous ImageManager for HTMLArea Wysiwyg editor, not updated since 2004. Here are the changes I made :

* editor.php :
- Bug fix : plugin does not work with "php short_open_tag=off" - Bug fix : dirname($img) is not valid with "php register_globals = Off" -> dirname($_GET[’img’])

* manager.php :
- Bug fix : window too small with FF 1.5.08, especially with non english strings.
- window upgraded to 900pix wide to display all content with non english strings and FF

* imageManager.png :
- Added this demo image so that we can play with watermarking feature right from installation.

* fr.js :
- Added missing french translations.

* editorFrame.php :
- Bug fix : "tools not displayed if action = flip" ("tools_flip block" does not exist).
- Bug fix : "Editor hangs on any rotating" and "editor displays ghost image overlay" if watermark images are defined in AND any of these images are missing in the destination folder.
- Bug fix : PHP warning when opening an image for editing. (Alan Pinstein)
- Bug fix : watermarks trying to be loaded even if there are none defined in (Undefined offset:0) (Alan Pinstein).

* editor.php :
- Bug fix : editor hangs displaying ’rotating’ if no rotate setting entered. Added default ’0’ angle value.

* ImageManager.php :
- Moved and extended contrain to config size on upload to ImageManager.php (Paul Moers).
- Bug fix : missing include declaration Transform.php.

* IM.php : Escape shell arguments for ImageMagick driver (to prevent security issues). (Alan Pinstein)

* ImageEditor.php :
- Bug fix : "PHP Notice : Undefined property : forcedNewName" if "allow_overwrite" is true in (Alan Pinstein).

* fckplugin.js :
- Bug fix : When picking another image in the manager and confirming, the image in the editorArea changed, but the src attribute didn’t. The attribute ’_fcksavedurl’ needed to be set too. (Paul Moers)

I tested against FF 1.5.08 and IE 6 only.


This is a convenient post to provide a download page to Sourceforge site forums (see links on Saulmade page).

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  • FCK_ImageManager_diff_TB_20062021.tgz FCK_ImageManager_diff_TB_20062021.tgz (TGZ – 62.4 ko)

    To install : install Saulmade plugin first, then overwrite with my ImageManager directory.

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