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Linux virtual terminals and VMWARE Server

Saturday 9 February 2008, by thierrybo

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If you use Vmware Server to run a guest Linux Operating System on a Linux host, you should have several surprises with keyboard shortcuts ...

If you want to open one of the six virtual terminals within the Linux guest with Ctrl + Alt + F1 to F6, you get your virtual terminal ... but this is a host terminal, not a guest one !

Tip :

— From guest Gnome :Ctrl + F1-6 + Alt (follow the key sequence !)
— From a guest virtual terminal : Give back focus to the guest linux AND <Super> + F1-7

Also you cannot restart X with Crtl + Alt + Bkspce because it is the Linux host that is affected ... annoying!

Tip :

— Bkspce + Alt + Crtl

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