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Enlightenment Linux : It’s Not What You Think

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mercredi 25 octobre 2017, par thierrybo

I do not fully agree with author conclusion about this 2014 article Enlightenment Linux : It’s Not What You Think from LinuxInsider

There are Linux distro forums that have instructions for
adapting your system to install an add-on
Enlightenment package. Do not go there.

... but do it through a distro built around it. Do not try to do your own Enlightenment integration by manually adding Enlightenment packages to your current Linux distro.

I do not fully agree with this. It is true that you should NOT add Enlightment to your fully functional Desktop Environment.

However, another approach he did not talked about is installing your favorite Linux distribution from scratch on your computer, but without any Desktop Environment nor Window Manager at all. This way you keep your habits, like using a Debian, Gentoo, Arch base.

For Debian/Ubuntu this can be accomplished using the "netinstall/mini" iso and not choosing any Desktop Environment during installation process. Then you just have to install a X_display_manager like LightDM and you are ready to install Enlightenment.

Just follow instructions for installation from Enlightenment documentation page, in most case you just have to use dedicated repositories.

You end up with a fresh and clean E installation.

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