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Manjaro memory management efficiency

samedi 30 septembre 2017, par thierrybo

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I will not leave my preferred linux distro since ten years now, but i like to see what other distributions have to offer. I used Gnome 2, Unity, and now Gnome-shell (Gnome 3).

I know than Gnome-shell has the highest memory consumption. I will not use it on a computer with less than 4Mb memory. But If we have more, we can’t argue against Gnome because of memory consumption.

Recently I made my own memory tests with several distributions using Virtualbox. I only choose Gnome 3.24 or 3.26 when available. The end result was that they all use nearly 1mb memory after boot, using gnome-system-monitor [1]. Archlinux was one of the distros I tested, so I thought it will be the same for Manjaro.

What a mistake ! Today I tested Manjaro 17.0.4 with Gnome 3.26 using a development repository. And to be fair with Ubuntu, I removed from Ubuntu « gnome-software » (Software) and « packagekit » packages which are not used by Manjaro

Even with this "boost" for Ubuntu, Manjaro memory consumption is 150Mb less than Ubuntu :

PNG Mise à jour du 2 octobre {PNG}

Awesome, compared to its mother distro Archlinux. Archlinux offer an unmodified "vanilla" Gnome experience, that is not the case for Manjaro. I have not enough knowledge to look for, so I don’t kow if the difference come from better Gnome optimization, or overall optimization, But as we can see on my picture, Manjaro runs only 89 tasks against 128 for Ubuntu.


The last 10/02/2017 live iso is even better, 751M memory consumption.


[1gnome-system-monitor reports more than other command line tools as free, top or htop

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