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Eclipse PDT (PHP IDE) User Manual

mardi 13 février 2007, par thierrybo

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After trying out PHPEclipse, I was surprised to not find a User Guide for Eclipse PDT.

I found two manuals for PHPEclipse :

- PHPeclipse User Manual by Robert Kraske

- Using PHPEclipse. [1]

but no one for PDT. Chances this is because PDT is a younger project than PHPEclipse. So I decided to set up a wiki to put my personal experiences and to gather informations from different sources.

Eclipse PDT User Guide

As I do not want to begin from scratch, most of the initial content comes from the two above links.

This is a wiki, so you are welcome to add or change any content if you think this is useful.


[1The original page,, does not exist any more and may not match the content of the new one.

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