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About me

lundi 9 février 1998, par thierrybo

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Welcome to my Blog and to the city of St-Nazaire !

I was born in 1967 near Paris and I work in accountancy business. I lived more than ten years in Martinique, French West Indies. Since 2004, I live in St-Nazaire, France.

By Blog is about my two hobbys,

  • Web an PHP programming (well I try to learn !), MRBS, PEAR ::MDB projects, learning PEAR ( a standard classes repository for PHP), learning Object Oriented Programing, MAMBO and SPIP Content Management Systems
  • Historical wargames, either computerized wargames or boardgames.

If you want to send me a mail, follow this link , or leave a message with the link at the bottom of the page.

A beach  

Ok, it is not Martinique but I rather took a shot of Bequia Island, not very far indeed ...
Humm, that is not the picture of me I initially choosed, but that was the price to pay for the next one !
After beating up my girlfriend (well, my wife now) she agreed that I publish her picture !

Beware of the sun ! :


And now our two "monsters" !


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