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This guide is still under heavy development. Users of PDT are welcome to help expand it.

The Eclipse PDT is an Eclipse.org project designed to meet PHP’s developing needs and supports the current version of PHP (currently 5.x) as well as previous ones.

The Eclipse PDT ((PHP Development Tool) is a functionality rich, PHP tool containing advanced editing capabilities and code inspection.

This User Guide describes the PDT from the basic user interface layout to more complex features. The functionality of each screen is elaborated in the online Help in order to provide context sensitive instructions.. Audience

The PDT is a development tool for developers of PHP applications.


  1. About PDT
    1. Why Use PDT?
    2. Feature Overview
  2. Installation
    1. Installing Java
    2. Installing Eclipse
    3. Installing PDT
    4. Installing Apache/MySQL/PHP (Optional)
    5. Installing the Zend Debugger (Optional)
    6. Installing the XDebug Debugger (Optional)
    7. Installing the phpDocumentor (Optional)
    8. Installing the PHP_Beautifier (Optional)
  3. User Guide
    1. Preparing the Workbench
    2. Creating your first PHP project
    3. Editing PHP/HTML files
    4. External tools
      1. Subversion
    5. PHP Source Level Debugging
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